Harris Mayersohn

Writer. Comedian. Producer. Friend.


Harris Mayersohn is a writer, comedian and producer in Brooklyn, NY.

Harris currently works on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. In addition to playing recurring character, Stoney Von Dankington, Harris produces and contributes writing for the show’s daily cold open segments.

As a writer, Harris worked for Netflix, contributed to TruTV and wrote exactly one joke for The Colbert Report. His original pieces have been featured in The New YorkerMcSweeney's, New York’s Vulture, Paste Magazine and Points In Case, among other publications. He also writes and produces on MNN’s cable access show, The Special Without Brett Davis.

As a performer, Harris has made appearances on shows including the already mentioned The Late Show, Conan, IFC's Comedy Crib and The Special Without Brett Davis. He’s taken his stand-up to venues and festivals all over North America including the final Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival. Since July 2017, he’s performed Without A Shirt, an original solo show he wrote about his own struggles with body dysmorphia.

As a person, Harris is stressed about the order of writer, comedian and producer in this bio. He reminds you the order is completely interchangeable. There are some random clips of his work on other pages of this site, but don’t hesitate to email him with any questions or concerns.

Here's a slightly touched up headshot:

Harris Headshot